Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell has long known that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The journalist and member of Montreal’s high society[[more]] enthusiastically documents Montreal’s cultural scene for the Montreal Gazette and passionately leads the magazine Diary of Social Gal, which is an indispensible resource for those fascinated by the lives of the rich and famous. “I am a lover of diamonds, and I cannot hide it. Diamonds are forever. Aren’t they? What inspires me about Gloria Bass, in addition to her talent, is her passion, the strength of her character, and her attention to those around her. Her designs remain pertinent today, and that is a rare quality.”

Whether it be runways, red carpets, or festive evenings ending at dawn, nothing seems to stop Jennifer Campbell. Anything that shines sparks her enthusiasm. When asked what attracts her about jewellery, she laughingly declares, “It is primarily the number of carats! I love clothes, and I have a weakness for purses; if you would have a look at my closet you would know exactly where all my money goes. I find nothing more attractive than a huge diamond cut to perfection. I also like contemporary jewellery pieces that reinvent the classics. I especially love jewellery that puts stones on view.”

According to the journalist who has covered the past 10 years of Montreal’s social scene, never missing a night at the Ritz (or a glass of champagne!), one must know how to be daring with jewellery. She explains, “In this photography project with Sylvain Blais, I liked the idea of going to the extreme of luxury and of turning away from our first impulse with a piece of jewellery.  An example would be wearing a very elegant ring on the thumb, even if the design did not readily lend itself to being worn that way. I like a woman who can wear a diamond necklace down her back or who can integrate it into her hair. I love that type of creativity and boldness.”

Jennifer Campbell strongly believes that fashion, jewellery, and events have become inseparable. “Runway shows have become serious social events where fashionistas, celebrities, and artists have the opportunity to mingle. I grew up with the greats, like Galliano, McQueen, Versace, and now we have street style that is being integrated into that. We are living in a privileged moment for fashion, and I am savouring every minute of it!”