Isabelle Hudon

Executive Chair of Sun Life Quebec Isabelle Hudon is living proof that it is possible to combine elegance with intelligence[[more]]. In addition to her central role at Sun Life and her involvement in several administrative councils, including that of Hydro-Quebec, Holt Renfrew Canada, the Mount Royal Club, and the Council of the Arts of Canada, she finds time to dress sensibly, impeccably, and, above all, with a natural ease, as only someone who has appreciated clothes since a young age could: “I remember that my father, Jean-Guy Hudon, a deputy in Ottawa, was crazy for ties. He was often called the most elegant man on Parliament Hill. My mother, who was a teacher, was also very attentive to her appearance. I have considered fashion an art form for a long time now. Some people are very proud of showing off their paintings and have beautiful collections on their walls; for me, it’s my closet that houses my masterpieces.” For one who was inducted into Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Hall of Fame and who received the Réalisations award from the Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec in 2014, the evocation of the word “Chanel” has a particular resonance. “The house is at the top of my list because of the woman who started it: Gabrielle Chanel. Her personality, her stubbornness, her determination, and the quasi-miracle of her success were ground-breaking because during that era all odds were against her. The sustainability of the brand is powerful; Karl Lagerfeld knew how to develop the brand while respecting the spirit of Chanel and always maintaining the quality of the manufacture.

Despite working in a predominantly male environment, this businesswoman is not afraid of expressing her femininity through her passion for clothing and her love for jewellery.  “Even if I don’t invest much in jewellery, I love the lightness that it can bring to an outfit or to a person. It is more than an accessory; it is a work of art. I withdraw at the sight of a beautiful piece of jewellery. I enjoyed discovering Gloria Bass’ designs because they were the light that I was searching for. There is nothing opulent about her work, and the artisanal quality of her pieces is exceptional. Her work, which is executed with great finesse, is beautiful in all its subtlety and femininity. We recognize her female touch. It is a great pleasure to know her, for I am certain that she is an inspiration to an entire generation of female designers.”