France d’Amour

It would be easy to assume that singer France D’Amour, with her beautiful complexion and flamboyant red mane[[more]], has always been attentive to her appearance. However, she reveals that quite the opposite is true; “When I began and did my first performances, I would never use make up, and I was horribly dressed. It was a disaster. I had no awareness of my appearance because I was from the country, and I was a bit of a rebel, too. My life revolved around music.”

Fortunately, one of her guitarist’s sisters made France aware of the importance of appearance in the life of an artist. “I always remember the first time that my make up was carefully done. It was for a concert in Victoriaville, and, for the first time, I found myself beautiful. It was such a shock because I always found myself so ugly—kind of like the little ugly duckling, but with red hair, too many teeth, and little red eyes…” This change gave France the confidence and strength that she needed to face the public, and eventually get on stage.

It was in 1992, with her album Animal, which was certified gold, that she became a true success. Her husky voice, enthralling energy, and, of course, her magnificent mane[[more]] mesmerized the public. “I have always experimented with my hair. My locks have been platinum, red, long, shaved on one side, crimped; it’s my signature. Even with the best song, if my hair is neglected, it isn’t the same.”  France D’Amour is happy to see the presence of redheads, like Julianne Moore, on the big screen or on international podiums and even in the British monarchy with Prince Harry. Although her hair colour and freckles made her the subject of ridicule at school, France rapidly learned how to gain strength from them, and today, even pride.

Being photographed doesn’t come natural to the singer, but she is prepared to lend herself willingly to a project when she feels confident in a photographer—as she did with Sylvain Blais. “I am not photogenic. What I love about Sylvain is that he has an incredible eye. He knows how to find the beauty in me. I liked how we used Gloria’s jewellery in this project. I move a lot on stage, so I don’t wear jewellery often. This time the necklace was a costume piece. It is a work of great finesse, and this was one of those rare times that I felt comfortable wearing jewellery.”