Cynthia Stolovitz

For Cynthia Stolovitz, family doctor and founder of Clinique Anti Aging, beauty is of the utmost importance. Through her work, she[[more]] contributes on a daily basis to erasing the traces of time in hopes of achieving the youthful glow that we all try so hard to preserve. For her, beauty can be expressed in many ways—one of them being in the work of talented jeweller Gloria Bass: “I love the details in her work. She has an incredible sense of creativity, and she is so unique in what she does. She is a true personality. I have loved design since forever, and jewellery is part of that universe. I will love a piece of jewellery not for its many diamonds, but instead for the exceptional idea behind it. This is precisely what Gloria achieves thanks to her detailed selection of colours and form, and the discrete positioning of her diamonds. She can transform a string of classic pearls into a contemporary piece by simply adding a gold thread around the necklace or by adding a stone. She also understands the importance of comfort. She understands that if the piece of jewellery doesn’t feel good on the nape of the neck or in the ear lobe, we will not wear it.”

According to Cynthia Stolovitz, creation and art are indispensable. She believes to have been born with a love for painting, even if she did opt for a career in medicine after her mother convinced her that she was too good a student to not pursue a professional career.

“For me, art is a form of therapy. I’ve always been a drawer. I would go to the Musée des Beaux-Arts at the age of three, and I was painting nudes by age twelve. I even have a diploma in Medical Illustration. Art runs through my veins.” The renaissance classics inspire her, especially Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo’s works, which she admires for their representation of the body. She takes pleasure in analyzing the position of the torso, the proportion of the arms and legs, and the structure of the face in their works. For her, art is not too far off from science. It is no surprise that she now runs a clinic that specializes in the beautification of the human body. In her own way, Cynthia Stolovitz has become a true artist.