Gloria Bass

A Fascination with Jewellery

“I can’t believe that 40 years have already passed. My grandmother used to say that the older we get the faster the years pass… She was right.” — Gloria Bass

Although Gloria Bass’ interest in jewellery goes back to her childhood, it is only as an adult that her passion took shape. In the 1970s, she accompanied her husband to San Diego where he was studying. While in San Diego, Gloria decided to enrol in a jewellery-making course to occupy her free time. Despite having little familiarity with the field, during her first course she recognized, almost instinctively, the poor quality of instruction that was being offered to her.

Thereafter, luck was in Gloria Bass’ favour. While searching for the tools needed for her coursework, she stumbled on a book about fabrics and metals. One of the book’s authors, Steven Brixner, caught her attention. Luck had it that he lived in San Diego. She contacted him and asked if he’d teach her. She recalls, “From the moment I entered his studio, I loved his work. He had jewellery that you just couldn’t find in Montreal; they truly were works of art. He took me as a student and even suggested that I enrol in the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, one of the largest craft schools, where he taught. I said yes! Thankfully, my husband supported me in all my endeavours ...


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