Surface expression

Large planes of flat metal have rarely captured my interest. I much prefer to add texture to the metal to bring out the varying qualities in the surface.

My carved collection came about as a combination of Egyptian hieroglyphics, Native American art and contemporary patterns. I love the matte finish in the recessed areas and the high polish on the surfaces. The pieces flow as a collection and stand boldly on their own as well.

My reticulated collection sprung from an early trial of reticulation with “coin” silver — a lower grade than sterling. The ability to “draw” with a fine torch on a glowing piece of hot metal absorbed me for many hours. The results have been many pieces of “reticulated” patterns that can be used in a multitude of pieces. The play of light from the matte and high polish textures makes for a rich surface.

Hammering gold is an ancient art. We are again playing with light moving on the surface. I use this finish in very modern styles — again, to have an interesting surface to focus on.