Stacking rings

I have been making stacking rings since 1985. My first ones consisted of both 18K yellow and white gold wires that were twisted together. The sizes and shapes of the wires varied and I often set precious stones of different shapes and sizes.

I moved on to using a solid colour — yellow gold, looked at my collections and made stacking rings to correspond. There were coiled, carved, hammered stacks with more to follow.

I gradually added new designs to my stacking rings — different widths, different colours of gold, adding precious stones — but always maintaining the ability to stack. My collection has grown into over fifty individual designs and I am constantly adding new ones. The ability of being able to change the whole look of a “ring stack” by adding one or two, or removing one or two, has an international appeal.  


                                  18K & 22K GOLD - YELLOW, ROSE, WHITE & PLATINUM

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